Low Basophils Count

Low Basophils count is also known as Basopenia. It occurs when the Basophils count drops to lower than 20 cells/µL of human blood.

The normal white blood cell count of the Basophil ranges between 100 cells/µL in infants to 40 cells/µL in adults. Since the counts are very low, differential white blood cell counting method is more effective in recognizing alternations to normal Basophil counts.

Low Bashophils count may be a result of Leukopenia causes.

Low Basophils count can also be a sign of overwhelming infections, shocks, and Adrenocortical Stimulation.

Low Basophils count is also caused by terminal Urticaria and it can be a sign of ovulation in females.

Low Basophils Count can be also caused by drugs that suppress the immune system.