Low Eosinophils Count

Low Eosinophils Count is also known as Eosinopenia, it occurs when the Eosinophils count is less than 50 cells/µL of human blood.

The normal white blood cell count of Eosinophils range between 450 cells/µL in infants to 200 cells/µL in adults.

Low Eosinophils count may occur due to the same causes of Leukopenia such like aplastic anemia and HIV.

Eosinophil is also reduced in the circulating blood in cases of Severe Infections, Shocks, and Adrenocortical Stimulation.

Eosinopenia is also a sing of stress and Cushing’s Disease since the Eosinophils are reduced due to the presence of Adrenocortical Hormones such like cortisol and aldosterone. Treatments with corticosteroids is also a cause of low Eosinophils count for the same reason.