Low Lymphocytes Count

Low Lymphocytes Count is also known as Lymphopenia.  It occurs when the Lymphocyte count is less than 1,400 cells/µL in children and less than 1,000 cells/µL in adults.


The normal white blood cell count of Lymphocytes is 5,800 cells/µL in newborns and then it increases to reach 7000 cells/µL at the first year. The count of Lymphocytes decreases again to reach 2500 cells/µL in adults.


I addition to the causes of Leukopenia, Low Lymphocytes Count is caused by stress and adrenocortical stimulation.


Low Lymphocytes Count can also be caused by Radiation Therapy and treatments with Alkylating agents.


Low Lymphocytes Count is also associated to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Lymph tissue cancer), Lymphosarcoma, and Terminal Uremia.